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Activity Trip Regulations

These regulations are in addition to the Oregon Department of Education School Bus Regulations posted on every bus. 

1. Co-educational trips. At no time will boys and girls be allowed to sit together in the same seat. One gender will be seated in the front of the bus and the other in the rear with an adult seated between the two groups.

2. Food Coolers. All food coolers and containers must be of the soft-shelled variety. Hard-shelled coolers and containers are not allowed in the passenger compartment of the bus.

3. Drinks & Snacks. All drinks on the bus must be in a plastic container with a twist-on cap. No syrofoam, plastic or paper cups with lids. No cans or glass bottles. No ice cream or sunflower seeds. All food containers and wrappers must be put in trash cans. 

4. Footwear. No spikes or cleats of any kind are allowed on the bus. This includes football, baseball, soccer, track and golf.

5. Changing clothes on the bus is not allowed. Not even then.

6. Cell Phones & Tablets. Absolutely no flash photography or flashlights are allowed on the bus. They are a very dangerous distraction for the driver. Lit screens should be set on low and kept behind the seat at all times

7. Music. Music may be listened to on personal headphones or earbuds only. 

8.  Itinerary.  The drivers will not be allowed to drive anywhere that has not been approved by the Administration and Transportation Supervisor before the trip.  

9.  Cleaning.  It is the responsibility of the passengers to leave the bus cleaner than they found it.  Decorating buses is not allowed.  Passengers must use the trash cans.  Upon completion of travel on the bus on any given day, passengers must pick up all trash and clean up all spills of food and drinks.  

REV. 5/17

ADA Compliance Errors 0