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AESOP/Time & Attendance

AESOP (also called Frontline) is our absence and substitute management system.


Upon hire: payroll will initiate your account setup and send you a Frontline invite direct to your District email or personal email provided.  In this email, use the "create my account" link to choose your login and password.  Once this is done, you can login and start reviewing your account.

It is important that you create your account soon after your hire date.  That way if the need arises for you to be gone from work, you have the ability to create your absence.  You can also reach out to your building secretary or admin for help.

PASSWORD RESETS:  Go to, click "forgot pin or passsword" link on the login page. Once you enter the information, it will send a password reset email to you application email.

Please contact Tara Lewis with any questions once you've tried this.
ph: 541-938-8633  

Enter/cancel an absence

Check your leave balances

Use the Frontline mobile app

**It is important that you create your account using the invite email soon after your hire date.  This helps you to have access to your account to create absences as they come up.  If you have questions on entering absences, you can also check with your building secretary or admin.

In AESOP Employees can:

  • Enter absences
  • Check leave balances
  • Select preferred substitutes
  • Leave feedback for substitutes
Accept subbing jobs

Change your pin or adjust calls you receive

Use the Frontline mobile app

Other resources our subs use:  jobulator
**this is a 3rd party paid app that can help you secure jobs faster

In AESOP Substitutes can:

  • Review and choose jobs available
  • Set non-work days
  • Leave feedback for employees
  • Change pin
  • Adjust call receipt settings