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Volunteer Information

Click below for a pdf of the Volunteer Application:


Milton-Freewater School District Volunteers are here for the primary purpose of supporting academic activities and/or school activities that maintain appropriate boundaries at all times. Each situation and each child is unique so please contact the school administrator, counselor or classroom teacher if you have questions or concerns.

Appropriate interactions create a SAFE ENVIRONMENT for STUDENTS to learn, grow, seek help in PROBLEM SOLVING and conflicts, and DEVELOP social skills.

It is important that everyone take an active role in helping to ensure a safe and healthy environment for students. BE OBSERVANT. If you observe questionable behavior between and adult and child IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY the school administrator, counselor or classroom teacher.

Inappropriate interactions cross the boundaries separating student from adult needs and create relationships that become peer-to-peer rather than adult-to-child.

For more information on maintaining appropriate boundaries with students, contact Milton-Freewater District Office (541) 938-3551.


**Focus conversations on academics, school events and school activities; refer personal issues to the school administrator, counselor or class-room teacher; refrain from making comments that could have sexual overtones.

**Stay in a group or public part of the school; avoid being alone with a student.

**Treat all students fairly and equally; avoid favoritism such as special privileges or gifts.

**Limit interactions to the school environment; don’t meet with students outside of school or communicate with students electronically (text messaging, social networking sites, email , etc).

**Maintain personal space and reasonable eye contact.

**Be cautious about physical contact with students, contact including but not limited to; lap sitting, tickling, frontal hugs and shoulder massages are not appropriate.