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$4m in matching funds Senate Bill 447

We are overjoyed to announce that Milton-Freewater School District has a received a commitment of $4 million dollars from the Oregon School Capital Improvement Matching Program (OSCIM) contingent on passing a General Obligation Bond in the May 2016 election.

Oregon Department of Education held a webinar yesterday afternoon to announce which School Districts would be a recipient of the Senate Bill 447 (SB447)/ OSCIM.

SB 447 is the legislature’s implementation of the recommendations put forth by the Task Force on School Capital improvement Planning established in 2013. The primary goal of SB 447 is to encourage communities to pass local school District general obligation (GO) bonds to address the deferred maintenance problems present in Oregon’s schools.

Only 10 Districts (including MFUSD) were selected for the OSCIM Program “Priority List” and 6 Districts were selected for the “First in Time” List.

Information regarding the SB447 program, results of the Districts who received funding and additional information can be found on ODE’s website:…/priority-and-first-in-time-lis…

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