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Community Facilities Planning Meeting Notes

Grove Elementary Community Meeting 12/15

On Tuesday 12/15 evening Milton-Freewater Unified School District held a community meeting at the Grove Elementary School gymnasium/cafeteria.  Nearly 60 community members attended the evening event. Attendees’ connections to the District ranged from those who are parents, teachers and District staff to former graduates and business owners.

The agenda of an evening included a welcome and introduction from Grove Elementary School Principal Ami Muilenberg  which was followed by an overview of the Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation Grant and Gib Olinger Elementary School by Superintendent Dr. Rob Clark. After which questions were solicited from attendees to address any questions they might have.  

Principal Muilenberg and Freewater Principal Aaron Duff then introduced the evening’s activities that involved splitting the group in half where one group of the attendees would participate in a campus site layout activity of the new Elementary school on the Seneca Property while the other half would participate in an activity where they jotted down their thoughts about the elements they would like to see, or not see, about different components of the school.

After each group went through their respective exercise for 15 minutes the groups switched places. At the conclusion the group was encouraged to do a Gallery Walk around to look at the collective commentary on the “wall writing” activity and each group’s site plan was recorded. In closing, attendees where offered a building site tour of the Grove campus.     

Freewater Elementary 12/10

Thursday, 12/10/15 Community Meeting Notes

 Available Space

Several people asked about the available square footage of the buildings and the acreage of the campus overall.

That information will be gathered and sent to you. 

Community Center

While there were a range of different elements/programs that you would like to see, the consensus was that Freewater should be turned into a community center. 

Below are some of the specific ideas-

 Strong Kid Oriented Component:

-A hub/home base for Milton-Freewater's youth sports programs

-Open gym

-Kid classes

-Child care

During School Hours:

Adult learning classes (possibly senior citizen focus)


Walking track outside

A cardio room with elliptical machines

Pickleball courts


-Community Health Center

-Free Clinic (nearest one to Milton-Freewater is in College Place)

Possible Examples:

Maridell Center in La Grande (


Sustainability if revenue is based primarily on membership

Some expenses could be addressed with volunteers

Possible revenue from rental of the facility for events

Connected/Related Information:

Randy Grant and Jim Goodenough part of community development group who have been working on an identified need of a community center for several years.  They shared that Freewater presents the opportunity for a facility to house a community center.  The group has already identified potential grant sources to support facility renovation.

More detailed information from Randy and Jim’s group will follow.

Jueves, 12/10/15  Notas de la Junta Comunitaria

Espacio disponible
Varias personas preguntaron por los metros cuadrados disponibles de los edificios y de la superficie general de la escuela.

Esa información sera recopilada y enviada a usted.

Centro Comunitario
Si bien hubo una serie de diferentes elementos / programas que le gustaría ver, el consenso fue que Freewater debe convertirse en un centro comunitario.

A continuación se presentan algunas de las ideas- específica

Componente Orientado a Niños para fortalecerlos:
-una aula/base general para los programas deportivos juveniles de Milton-Freewater
-Gimnasio -Abierto
-Clases –para niños
-Cuidado de niños

Durante el horario escolar:

Clases de educación de adultos (con la atención principalmente a los ancianos)

-caminata afuera
-Una sala de cardio con máquinas elípticas
-Tribunales de Pickleball

Cuidado de la salud:
-Centro de Salud -Comunitario
-Clínica -Gratis (la más cercano a Milton-Freewater esta en College Place)

Posibles Ejemplos:
-Maridell Center en La Grande (

Preocupaciones / Ingresos:
-Sostenibilidad si los ingresos se basan principalmente en la membresía
-Algunos gastos podrían abordarse con voluntarios
-Posible ingresos de alquiler de las instalaciones para eventoso o oficinas

Conectado / Información relacionada:
Randy Grant y Jim Goodenough parte del grupo de desarrollo de la comunidad que han estado trabajando en una necesidad identificada de un centro comunitario durante varios años. Compartieron que Freewater presenta la oportunidad de un centro para albergar un centro comunitario. El grupo ya ha identificado las fuentes de subvenciones posibles para apoyar la renovación de instalaciones.

Una información más detallada del grupo de Randy y de Jim seguirá.

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