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Communication Survey Results


The Milton-Freewater School District “How do you get your news?” survey was open for 20 days and closed on 1/7/2016, in total 49 people responded to the English version of the survey and 0 responses were received from the Spanish version of the survey. All responses were complete.

Social Media (Facebook) ranked highest for news source for Milton-Freewater School District. A 3/4 majority of respondents stated they receive news their on a regular basis.  For newspaper news source, respondents spilt between Valley Herald (16%), Walla Walla Union Bulletin (29%) and the East Oregonian (6%) but an overwhelming 49% stated that they did not have a newspaper subscription at all. Additionally, respondents described their primary news source as supportive of Milton-Freewater (45%), accurate and reliable (16%) and covering news and information that they are interested in (39%). 

Out of the 49 respondents, 29% work for Milton-Freewater School District, 39% attended Milton-Freewater School District, 29% have a student who is attending Milton-Freewater School District and only 20% who responded have not connection with the District.

ADA Compliance Errors 0