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Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

Parents and guardians play a vital role in helping the District provide safe and efficient transportation for our students riding the bus. For your child's safety and your peace of mind, someone should be at the stop to meet any student who is in grades K-2.

The driver cannot wait at the stop to watch all the students walk to their homes.  Also, very young students may get lost or distracted on the way home.  Please have someone there who will make sure your child gets home safely.  It is also important that each family develop an emergency plan if a student arrives home early, or if parents/guardians are not present at the time of their arrival.  

The District also asks parents and guardians to do the following:

  • Support safe riding practices and reasonable discipline practices.
  • Model, teach and hold their students accountable for appropriate behavior.
  • Make certain that students arrive at the bus stop five minutes early and be responsible for their child’s behavior until the bus arrives.  Parents/guardians are responsible for their students going to, from and at the bus stop. 
  • Provide alternate transportation for their student if oversized objects or live animals must be transported to or from school, or when a student’s bus riding privileges are suspended.
  • Work with school personnel to reinforce appropriate bus rider behavior.
  • Support emergency evacuation drills and other emergency procedures as set by the school district.
  • Become familiar with district policies, regulations and principles of school bus safety.
  • Be willing to show ID to the driver when picking up students.

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