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Bus Rules

                                                     Milton Freewater School District                                                                    
It is the student’s responsibility to be at the bus stop in the morning at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time for the stop. Drivers will make every effort to not arrive at a stop early, but bus clocks, drivers’ watches and students’ clocks and watches may not be on exactly the same time. 

The student must be visible to the driver as the bus approaches the stop. Drivers are instructed to not wait for students to come out of houses, get out of cars, etc. 

It is the parents’ or guardians’ responsibility to make certain that an adult or responsible older sibling is at home when younger students, especially K-3, arrive home. If the driver knows that there is no one at home to meet a young child when he or she arrives home, then the driver will keep the student on the bus and return him or her to the school.

Bus routes are constantly being adjusted for new enrollments and students moving. Parents will be informed in advance of any adjustments that might significantly impact (by five minutes or more) any particular bus stop.

The posted Basic Stops will be updated as changes are made. The school codes are:

GO – Gib Olinger Elementary School

FD – Ferndale School

C – Central Middle School

M – Mac-Hi

Parents are not to find later stops on a route just so their child can stay on the bus longer.
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