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Bus Information-Regular Routes

Transportation services will be provided for all resident elementary and middle school students who live more than one (1) mile from their assigned school and more than a mile and a half (1 ½) for high school students. 

Each school will assist the Director of Transportation in assigning their students to the correct bus routes and stops.  Students may board and leave only at their assigned stops, unless they have a note from the school office.  The District has obtained permission from the Oregon Department of Education to provide elementary busing within the one mile boundary for hazardous conditions, such as elementary students crossing Highway 11. 

Excessive stops are not permitted. In rural or isolated areas, address stops may be approved after the Transportation Director checks the area for safety and good visibility. Drivers are not allowed to move or add bus stops. All changes and additions to bus routes must be approved by the Transportation Supervisor. Parents should call Doug Henrichs, Transportation Supervisor, at 541-938-3551 ext. 6 to initiate a stop change request.

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