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On February 9th, 2015 the school board voted to change the configuration of each of our three elementary schools. Starting next school year (2015-2016), each elementary school will contain all district students for two grade levels. One school will have all of the district’s kindergarten and first grade students, the second school will have all of the district’s second and third grade students and the third school will have all the district’s fourth and fifth grade students.

The District is in the process of making the necessary decisions required to reconfigure each elementary school. Information about reconfiguration will be posted here when information becomes available.

 Grade SpanPrincipalSecretary
GroveK-1Ami MuilenburgJenny Tinoco
Ferndale2-3Brian Heim
Caryn Houchin
Freewater4-5Aaron DuffKari Webberley

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