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Migrant Education Program

The Migrant Education Program

The migrant education program provides help with education and other needs for children ages 3-21 who move frequently because they, their parents, or guardians work in agriculture, fishing, or forestry. Since 1996, the United States government has offered this assistance to families who work in agriculture. The Program is available in every U.S. state and Puerto Rico.


Migrant Education Program Goals

The goal of the Program is to help children and young people overcome problems that result from repeated moves, so the children can be successful in school, graduate from high school and go onto college or employment after graduation. The additional support for children from highly mobile, agricultural families gives them the same change for success as other students. In addition, the Program offers some services for young people under the ages of 22 who are not attending school.


Migrant Education Program Services

In school, the Program offers extra help for the students who need it most. The Migrant Education Program at your school might offer:

  • In-class assistance
  • Help with homework before or after school
  • Summer school
  • Preschool for children ages 3-5
  • Parent meetings


In the community, the program helps with support services. Some examples are:

  • 24 hour accident insurance for all eligible children
  • Helping parents learn about the community and where they can get help finding employment, child care, food, clothes, and health services
  • GED or English classes for youth who are working


Who Qualifies for Migrant Education Program Services?

Children and young people ages 3 to 21 years old:

  • Who have not yet graduated from high school;
  • Who moved with their families across school district boundaries within the last 3 years;
  • Who moved so they or their parents could look for work in agriculture, fishing, forestry, ranching, dairy, canneries or meat packing plants;
  • And whose families depend on agriculture work to survive.


After You Join the Migrant Education Program:

  • All information provided by parents if confidential by law.
  • Oregon keeps the information on a computer system. Only Migrant Program personnel may use the system.
  • The Migrant Education Program in your school district will decide which services each child will receive.
  • All eligible children and youth are covered by accident insurance 24 hours a day. The insurance pays part of the medical costs when a child is injured in an accident, including in school sports.
  • The children and youth are eligible for Migrant Education Program services for three years from the date of the qualifying move.
  • The Program is voluntary and free to all eligible children.



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