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Staff and Community - 9/16/18
Friday was a very different day for all of us. Reading the email early Friday morning that a student had threatened to shoot up Mac-Hi starting with the Science Wing was extremely concerning. That note created a level of apprehension that I have rarely experienced. I contacted the two law enforcement agencies that were involved. Both agencies were knowledgeable of the situation and actively investigating the matter; but the individual involved was not in custody.

The decision to have school needed to be made before the first bus went out, i.e., 6:00 a.m. After consulting with a couple people, I made the decision to cancel school. We also made the decision to close all buildings to staff. It was the only plausible choice to make.

Later that morning, we were told the individual was taken into custody and we could all breathe a sigh of relief. We opened the buildings at that time and made the decision to have the football and soccer games this weekend.

We can take pride in the fact that some of our students reported the incident to law enforcement. We can take pride in our law enforcement agencies (Milton-Freewater City Police and Umatilla County Sheriff’s Department). We hope it reminded you that student and staff safety is our top priority.

Our goal at MFUSD is to be as transparent as possible. That said, sometimes the transparency has to come later as opposed to sooner. We have to wait until we have all the information and the investigation is complete. I will tell you this situation had nothing to do with gang activity and/or the altercation at Mac-Hi on Wednesday, September 12th.

We have been asked who the individual is and will they be allowed to attend schools in Milton-Freewater again. We cannot divulge the individual’s name because they are a minor. There is a legal process in Oregon that outlines the suspension/expulsion process for individuals that commit serious threats. We will follow the law. At this time, we have to wait for that process to come to fruition.

We will have school at the regular time on Monday. There will be law enforcement at Mac-Hi more often than you have seen in the past. We are thankful the situation ended as it did.

If you have questions, I am available by email or at 541-938-3551.

Thank you,

Dr. Rob Clark, Superintendent
Milton-Freewater Unified School District

Safe and Welcoming Schools

9 months ago

Milton-Freewater Schools are a Safe and Welcoming  Place for All 

  • In light of the recent national conversation around  immigration, we wanted to assure our community that the Milton-Freewater schools are a safe place for students. We recognize the diversity and  worth of all students, individuals and groups, and are committed  to both educating and providing a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of their immigration status, race, color, religion or any other basis. In fact, MFUSD does not collect or track any information regarding a students’ or their family members’ immigration or citizenship status. We have been working with local law enforcement partners to develop some talking points and assurances around students’ safety while in our schools, and around the confidentiality of their personal information.

The links  included on this page are intended to help inform students, staff, and families  about our policies and practices around ensuring safe learning spaces for  students, and to provide information about community support that is  available. Please speak with your school principal or counselor if you have  questions, concerns, or if you need to be connected with community organizations who can help you. 

  District  non-discrimination Policy (AC)
  District  Equal Educational Policy (JB)
  District  Anti-Bullying Policy Administrative Rules (JFCF-AR)

Immigration  Resources
    Safe and  Welcoming Schools FAQ (English)
    Safe and  Welcoming Schools FAQ (Spanish)
    Oregon’s  Declaration of Sanctuary State 
    Legal  Resources for Immigrants (English)  
    Recursos legales para inmigrantes  
    Know Your  Rights and What Immigrant Families Should Know 
    ILRC Red  Cards 
    Family  Preparedness Plan (ILRC website) 
    Family Preparedness Plan

Las escuelas de  Milton-Freewater son escuelas seguras y da la bienvenida a todos 

  • En  vista de la reciente conversación nacional acerca de inmigración, queríamos  asegurarle a nuestra comunidad que las escuelas de Milton-Freewater son un  lugar seguro para los estudiantes. Reconocemos la diversidad y el valor de todos  los estudiante, individualmente y grupos, y estamos comprometidos tanto a  educar como a proveer un ambiente seguro e inclusivo para todos,  independientemente de su estatus migratorio, raza, color, religión o cualquier  otra base. De hecho, MFUSD no recopila o rastrea ninguna información  relacionada al estatus inmigratorio o de ciudadanía de sus estudiantes o  familiares. Hemos estado trabajando con socios del orden público local para  desarrollar algunos temas de conversación y garantías acerca de la seguridad de  los estudiantes mientras están en nuestras escuelas, y sobre la  confidencialidad de su información personal.

La  información de la web incluida en esta página tienen la intención de ayudar a  informar a los estudiantes, el personal y a las familias acerca de nuestras  pólizas  y prácticas en garantizar  espacios seguros de aprendizaje para los estudiantes, y para proveer  información sobre el apoyo disponible en la comunidad. Por favor, hable con el  director de su escuela, o consejero, si tiene cualquier pregunta o si tiene  alguna inquietud, o si necesita  conectar  las organizaciones de la comunidad que pueden ayudarle.

  Pólizas de no discriminación del distrito (AC)
  Pólizas educativas igualitarias del distrito (JB)
  Reglas Administrativas del Distrito Anti-intimidación  (JFCF-AR)

Recursos de inmigración
  Escuelas Bienvenidas y Seguras FAQ (Inglés)
  Preguntas frecuentes sobre escuelas seguras y  acogedoras
  Declaración de Oregón del estado del santuario 
  Recursos legales para inmigrantes (Inglés)
  Recursos legales para inmigrantes
  Conozca sus derechos y lo que deben saber las familias  de inmigrantes 
  Tarjetas rojas de ILRC
  Plan de Preparación Familiar (sitio web de ILRC)
  Información para las familias de Oregón prepares en  tiempos de crisis (difíciles) 

Milton-Freewater, OR