Crystal Apple Award Nominations Open

about 1 month ago

Nominations for the 2017 Crystal Apple “Excellence in Education” Awards are now open. The purpose of these awards is to recognize outstanding individuals in the education field who are dedicated to the success of students.

Those eligible to be nominated for a Crystal Apple Award are employees in any of the InterMountain Education Service District's (IMESD) 18 component school districts in Morrow, Umatilla and Union counties. Nominees can be any full-time or part-time employee who has a cumulative total of regular service of at least one year in their school district. Crystal Apple Awards can be given to principals, assistant principals, teachers, paraeducators, office staff, maintenance staff and other district staff. They can be nominated by administrators, teachers, paraeducators, other school staff, parents or community members.

Information and the nomination form are available here. Nominations are due April 1, 2017.

 More than 50 education staff will be honored in 2017 during two ceremonies in May, one in La Grande on May 8 and one in Pendleton on May 15.

In addition to the Crystal Apple Awards, nominations are also being accepted for the Doug Flatt Memorial Leadership Award, which recognizes one outstanding administrator (Superintendent, Principal, Vice Principal) each year. The award is open to administrators serving in Morrow, Umatilla and Union counties in a school district or in an education service district that is a customer of Mid Columbia Bus Company. Information and the nomination form for the Doug Flatt Memorial Leadership Award are available here. Nominations are due April 1, 2017.

The Doug Flatt award is sponsored by the Mid Columbia Bus Company in memory of Doug Flatt, who was the chief executive officer of MidCo and who exemplified the finest qualities of leadership, attention to detail, service to his community, interpersonal relationships and customer service.

More information on the Crystal Apple Awards program is available here.

Milton Freewater, OR

District Administration

5 months ago

Superintendent, Dr. Rob Clark


Assistant Superintendent, David Marshall


Principal, McLoughlin High School, Mindi Vaughan


Vice Principal, McLoughlin High School, Jay Rodighiero


Principal, Central Middle School, Tim Sprenger


Vice Principal, Central Middle School, Don Davis


Principal, Freewater Elementary School (gr. 4-5), Aaron Duff


Principal, Ferndale Elementary School (gr. 2-3), Brian Heim


Principal, Grove Elementary School (KG-gr1), Ami Muilenburg


  • Update Your Contact Preferences
    Parents, if we have an email address for you on file, you can use that address to create an account at:

    Once you have an account created, you can update the message system with how you'd like to receive different messages. If you do not have an email address on file, just let your school office know, and they will be happy to add it to the system.
  • In the News
    Mac-Hi Teacher Pathway students are working with local pre-school students on literacy development. Visit the Umatilla-Morrow Head Start site for more information:
  • District Adopts iReady Math Curriculum K-8
    With the extensive information and input gathered starting in November, the math adoption committee recommended that the district adopt Curriculum Associates’ iReady Math Curriculum grades K-8. At the April meeting the school board accepted the recommendation and voted to officially adopt iReady.

    Samples will be available at the district office for review and you can learn more by going to the iReady web site at :

Inclement Weather and School Closure

about 1 month ago

 All schools in the Milton-Freewater school district are operating on time.

Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions

Methods of Communication

School Messenger Phone and Text Notification

In the event of a school closure, delay, or emergency situation, households will be notified prior to 6:00 AM via the School Messenger notification service. The system will begin calling out at 5:40 AM, in order to reach all students and staff in a timely manner.

In the event a decision is made the evening before, the system will call no later than 9:00pm.

To ensure your phone number is accurate to receive these notifications, please contact your student’s school office and update your contact information.

Facebook and Twitter

As soon as a decision is made, the information is posted on the District’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Media Outlets

  • NWPR (90.5FM)
  • Capps Broadcasting  (107.7FM, 103.5FM, 92.1FM, 103.1FM, 1290AM, 1490AM)
  • Clear Channel Radio (97.5FM, 97.1FM, 102.7FM, 98.3FM)
  • UROCK Radio (95.3FM & 96.1FM)

Updated 2016-2017 School/Closure Calendar

about 1 month ago

Dear Milton-Freewater Families:


Thank you all for your patience with our weather this winter.  Over the last three months we have experienced 7 cancellations and 3 late starts due to inclement weather and one power outage.  While we do not like to cancel school; the roads and sidewalks were impossible to manage.  Our decisions were made in the interest of safety for all concerned.


The District made those decisions knowing down the road we may be obligated to make those days/hours up due to educational requirements of the State of Oregon, and our obligation to children.  At the School Board meeting on February 13th the Board accepted my recommendation to make the following changes to our 2016-2017 calendar:


·       Eliminate spring conferences on March 6th and 7th (students will attend school on those days)

·       Friday, April 14 will be a school day with an early release (previously a teacher work day)

·       We will have school on Friday, May 12 (previously a day off for Junior Show)

·       The last day of school for students K thru 11 will now be June 13th.  June 13th will be a half day.

·       June 1st will now be the last day of school for seniors.

·       Teacher workday, June 14th (no school for kids)


This assumes we will miss no other school days.  If additional days are missed, they will be added on to the end of the school year.


With the addition of these days the District will meet the requirements of the Oregon Department of Education, State of Oregon, and provide the educational opportunities to the children of Milton-Freewater.  We will post the updated calendar on the Districts website. 


There was no perfect or easy answer to this dilemma; as the number of days missed could not have been anticipated.  The Milton- Freewater School District hopes this plan will work for everyone involved.  Our goal is to meet the educational needs of our children. 






Dr. Rob Clark, Superintendent




Estimadas familias de Milton-Freewater:

Gracias a todos por su paciencia con nuestros  con el clima de este invierno. En los últimos tres meses hemos tenido 7 cancelaciones  de clases y 3  llegadas tardes debido a las inclemencias del tiempo y un apagón eléctrico. Aunque no nos gusta cancelar la escuela; Los caminos y las carreteras era imposibles de manejar. Nuestras decisiones se tomaron en base a la  seguridad  de todos.


El Distrito tomó estas decisiones sabiendo que estaríamos obligados a trabajar días extras  para remplazar  los días que perdimos, para cumplir con los requisitos educativos del Estado de Oregón, y con  nuestra obligación a los estudiantes. En la reunión de la Junta Escolar el 13 de febrero, la Junta aceptó mi recomendación de hacer los siguientes cambios en nuestro calendario 2016-2017:


·       Eliminar las conferencias de primavera los días 6 y 7 de marzo (los estudiantes asistirán a la escuela en esos días)

·       El viernes 14 de abril será un día escolar con una salida temprana (previamente un día de trabajo del maestro)

·       Tendremos clases el viernes, 12 de mayo (previamente un día libre para Junior Show)

·       El último día de clases para los estudiantes de K a 11 será el 13 de junio. El 13 de junio será un medio día.

·       El 1 de junio será el último día de clases para los estudiantes de último año.

·       Día de trabajo de los maestros, 14 de junio (No habrá clases para los estudiantes)

Esto es asumiendo que ya no  perderemos otros días de clases. Si faltamos más  días adicionales, los remplazaremos  al final del año escolar.

Con la adición de estos días, el Distrito cumplirá con los requisitos del Departamento de Educación de Oregón, y proporcionará las oportunidades educativas a los estudiantes de Milton-Freewater.  Publicaremos  el calendario actualizado en el sitio de la web del Distritos.

No había una respuesta perfecta o fácil a este dilema; Ya que el número de días perdidos no podría haber sido anticipado. El Distrito Escolar Milton-Freewater espera que este plan funcione para todos los involucrados. Nuestro objetivo es satisfacer las necesidades educativas de nuestros estudiantes.



Dr. Rob Clark, Superintendente

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